Monday, February 8, 2010

Sauna in Malaysia

Its going hot in Adelaide and waiting for second wave, then the autumn will cooling the temperature…. But in Malaysia it’s also getting Hot, since the early year….. It is non relation to the weather but the political landscape since last election PRU12…. The wave will continuous till PRU13. The countries are fine, but still have major issues which are not settling…. Shame on what is happened but people need to learn from each issue…. How it is importance that to love the nations… this responsibilities need to deeper in the heart of Malays rulers and leaders… May Allah bless you…and us, with His wisdom....

Burung Pekaka si Burung Merbah,
Paginya murah Petangnya sembah,
Tanah bertuah cantik dan indah,
Jaga dan belailah sebelum disanggah.